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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
July 8, 2018 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Acts 9:32-43
Acts Series

DEVOTIONAL: personal and group   ***Sermon Notes beneath devotional

Theme: Growing like Peter

  • In Mark 1:16-18, how did Jesus speak to Peter in a way he could relate and see himself as useful?

  • In Luke 5:1-11, how did Jesus the carpenter show Peter that He was able to use Peter powerfully? How was this especially meaningful to Peter?

  • What other lesson do we learn from how Jesus responded to Peter’s lack of faith? vv.8-11

  • How is Jesus calling you to use your life experiences to bring people to Him? How has Jesus forgiven and restored you to usefulness?

  • Peter obeyed Jesus despite having little faith. How can you trust Jesus to increase your faith?

  • In Mark 1:29-31, Jesus heals Simon-Peter’s mother-in-law of a deadly fever. What did Peter learn about Jesus?

  • Read Matthew 14:22-33. Based on Peter’s action in vv.28-30, what lesson had Peter already learned? What did Peter still need to learn?

  • Where can you still grow and what actions can you take right now to trust Jesus more in your life?


“Love Local” Acts 9:32-43

Imitate Jesus like Peter and . . .

  1. Get out and look to love locals.

  2. Give people Jesus as Good News, nothing else.

  3. Call the restored to usefulness.

  4. Call unbelievers to believe.

  5. Trust God to expand our usefulness.

  6. In prayer trust God to show the Gospel in power.

  7. Trust God to expand your vision and mission!

Vision: A diverse multitude of peoples worshiping Jesus.

Mission: Imitating Christ to spread the Gospel.

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