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Delivered By
Will Robbins
Delivered On
July 1, 2018 at 10:30 AM
Central Passage
Acts 9:19-31
Acts Series

DEVOTIONAL: “Sharing My Story in Christ”

Saul’s Testimony

  1. “Saul before Christ” Read Acts 22:3-5

  • Describe what motivated Saul and where he got his identity.

  • Why did he lack peace and what frustrated him?

  1. “Saul’s Comes to Christ” Read Acts 22:6-16

  • What did Saul think about Jesus and his followers?

  • Why did Jesus blind Saul and send Ananias?

  • What was Saul’s response to the Gospel from Ananias?

  1. “Saul’s new life in Christ” Read Acts 9:18-22

  • What did Saul do immediately after believing?

  • Saul was still a tentmaker, but what defined His life now?


Your Testimony: Write it. Share it. Keep it simple.

  1. My life before Christ:

  • What did your life revolve around before trusting Christ?

  • Where did you get your self-worth, identity & happiness from?

  • How did this let you down?

  1. How I came to Christ:

  • What were some barriers you had in trusting Jesus?

  • Who and/or what did God use to change our heart?

  • Simply explain the Gospel you believed in like Paul did in 1st Corinthians 15:3-4.

  1. My life after trusting Christ:

  • What has changed in your life since following Christ?

  • How does knowing Christ help you through the hard times?


“Radical Reversal” Acts 9:19b-31

Your story in God’s story

  1. My life before Christ.

  2. How I came to Christ.

  3. My life after coming to Christ.

Radical Reversal

  • God gives peace to. . .

  • God gives direction to. . .

  • God gives strength to . . .

. . . those whose lives are defined by living and spreading the Gospel!

Our Mission: “Imitating Christ to spread the Gospel.”

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